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Welcome to Okazioni PLUSHKIN

We are pleased to present a new concept for our country. Our idea for internet trading is for our customers to get the products they want at a low price, with the fastest delivery.

In our e-shop you will find a great variety of porcelain, wood, ceramic, household and artistic souvenirs, old items, precious, rare and unnecessary items, equipment, cameras, lenses, accessories, clothes, sewing machines, radio, TV, TVs , jewelery, telephone sets, typewriters, works of art, jewelery, jewelery, watches, jewelery, precious and semiprecious stones, furniture, furnishings, household items, utensils, knives, collectibles, weapons, coins, philately, gramophone handbags, handbags, rugs, rugs, rugs, rugs, rugs, carpets, rugs, rugs, mats, carpets, paths and souvenirs, porcelain, wood, ceramics others ...

If you have any questions before or after the purchase - you can contact us at any time at the specified coordinates.